About us

About us

Poem is a Swedish premium-jewellry brand, founded by Petra Thoms in 2022. The inspiration for the name came from poems, which are a collection of words, ideas and emotions, put together in a creative and pleasing way. The ambition is to build a jewellery brand that is inspiring, dreamlike and poetic. Timeless objects that can last over generations. Seasonless, edgy and of premium quality. Jewellery that creates meaning for the wearer as they interpret it in their personal style.

At Poem, inspiration is drawn from nature and organic shapes, with a clean and minimalistic outlook. Poem’s pieces are as much wardrobe essentials as they are sculptural objects – drawing on organic references and minimalistic yet outspoken aesthetics. Rich in glossy metal or covered with cubic zirconia for a dazzling look.

With a background in fashion and vintage interior, Petra uses her expertise to create unique  and individual objects that are modern yet retain strong notes of their traditional and organic origin. Mixing Scandinavian design, with global expertise and craftmanship in an eclectic outcome.

Petra explains, ‘The idea for Poem started with my love of jewellery, growing up playing with my grandmother's brooches. Jewellery has always been spiritual to me; one simple object can conjure up memories of dreamy summers by the sea, dinner parties and timeless moments of tranquility. Stylish and frozen in their pure, organic shapes, all our pieces are hand-made in recycled metal.’

The founder’s collection contains several styles, all with different metal coatings and covered with sparkling rhinestones. The ambition is to create pieces of forever jewellery to keep and pass to future generations.

Poem is more than a collection of beautiful objects: it’s the dream of dressing up, good times and picture-perfect memories.